AL Baladhuri’s Kitab Futuh al- Buldan: Third Century Hijri Humanistic History

Nasreen Afzal, Arwa Juzer


The third century Hijri was a period of excessive academic achievement in
the history of Muslim historiography. During this period historical study reached a stage which led to the appearance of the great historians of that time. One of the earliest historians of this phase was Ahmed bin Yahya Baladhuri (d. 279A.H). His most celebrated and significant writing is Kitab Futuh al- Buldan (The Conquest of the Countries) which deals with the early Muslim Conquest and expansion. This book presents the episodic and personal character of early Islamic historiography.
This article deals with the historiographical traditions adopted by Baladhuri and explains the differences between his writing and his contemporaries’ and also discusses his contributions in the development of Muslim historiographical traditions.

Key words: Universal History, Arab Aristocracy, Geography, Archeology, Episodic

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