Bringing together Multicultural Awareness and Citizenship in post graduate teacher education.

Julia Athena Spinthourakis


Multicultural awareness relates to the common world of experien­ces, values and knowledge at the individual and/or group level which highlights the concepts of identity and diversity. Multiculturalism deals with the recognizing the principles and practices of "accommo­dating diversity" in ways that guarantee interconnectedness is the ar­ea that multiculturalism deals with. Including diversity and specifical­ly multiculturalism is important as teachers need to work successful­ly with diverse learners at the ideological level, practical level, politi­cal level and methodological level. For the purposes of this article we will focus on: how Greek Master's degree candidates taking a Multi­cultural Education course understand the diversity around him and how it influences identity and citizenship. From the analysis we note that an opportunity for focused, organized and active participation and reflection can positively influence the multicultural awareness of post graduate education students.

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