‘I felt really inspired by it, it was really interesting to interact with the pupils’: active citizenship in the British undergraduate social science curriculum.

Paul Watt, Chris Gifford, Shirley Koster, Wayne Clark


A formal citizenship curriculum has recently been introduced into schools in England following the publication of the Crick Report in 1998. This initiative has received considerable academic and politi­cal attention as its implementation is researched and evaluated. How­ever, citizenship education is not restricted to schools and in recent years there have been a number of publicly funded initiatives to de­velop citizenship education in UK universities, although the research base on these initiatives is thus far extremely limited. This paper con­tributes to the literature in this area with reference to evaluation re­search undertaken in relation to one module, ‘Citizenship and Identity', delivered to first year social science undergraduates at ‘Rivershire University' in South East England.

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