The role of informal curriculum on citizenship education: Gender representations in TV and students’gender stereotypes.

Mary Koutselini


The present study is a long-term project funded for three years by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. The project was entitled “Gender mainstreaming in the Mass Media of Cyprus and the rela­tionship with the perceptions of youth. Comparison with the EU poli­cy" and it aimed at awareness rising in gender issues, at the Mass Media as well as in the role of informal curriculum in students' per­ceptions. The study was conducted in Cyprus during the period 2004-2007 with a threefold aim, first to investigate the gender repre­sentations in TV, second to compare them with primary and second­ary students' perceptions and third to compare the gender represen­tations and students perceptions with the European Union? s indica­tors of mainstreaming policy. In this context the present study inves­tigated the role of TV broadcasting- as an important agent of inform­al education - in the formation of youth gender stereotypes.

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