Identity and ICT: The influence of Rationality, Market Society and ICT in the classroom.

loannis Kamarianos


The integration of ICT in the school classroom raises new per­spectives in the sociological theory of education that consists of a framework to explain the resilience of the power structure as well as the subjects' role in participating in the educational process.

More specifically, this presentation considers two basic ques­tions of the Sociology of Education: the process of reproduction as well as the possibility for change. Educational change concerns structure on the one hand; the role of the subjects in a relation of in­terdependence on the other hand.

The introduction and integration of ICT and the new technocratic reason in the school classroom which modifies the educational proc­ess, is one of the challenges that we are called upon not only to com­prehend but also analyze in order to produce effective educational practices.

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